Who ARE YOU? -- What ARE YOU?

Today 45 years ago [540 months ago] was the day that my life (programming) got altered till tonight when a slight miscommunication sent the forces into action to rescue me, (from me)

I now get to re-write the (software / coding and ultimately the entire program) called "the life I lead now"

The reason I know this date it is my lil' sisters birthday and the day my dad passed away and I used to drink to deal with this (self-medicate) it was February 19, 2019 @ 844am (last year) that I was finally able to let LOVE in and I had much on receiving LOVE to figure out over the last year (MUCH) as I was not actually raised in that much of a LOVING emotion family for the time I had as a family

It has been a long year

And now I need your help to work through my Humanisms, I had no clue on the scale I was about to step into

I am struggling this evening

Thank YOU ALL for your LOVE

God Bless

Key ' lo IV

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