Who wants to be.....................

on-line seller? Lets organize and revamp a old legacy again called ''Scanner Monkeys" as for me this is new and I like the concept // idea

Look at our "sandbox" (the world) as I have been studying sales with Grant Cardone and I have come to realize that were all of us in Commissioned Sales of some sort and that we sell and are sold on a daily basis

I was sold and was privy to a transaction of OUTGO of $4 on my part to start my RA / OA business up that has a potential of $53 income and $50 Ship

Looking To Start a Global Group of "Scanner Monkeys" and I need YOU as I get faced with a tough month every year as do some 50,000 other people and I just a few days ago came to a mental toughness spot where I said NO MORE

Looking for sharp people as the world is open to us if we can work as one group, think

Master Mind Meetings ----- meeting with the technology of ZOOM

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