I never asked for this, or did I?? As Did I Actually --"THINK" myself into this -- I remember on a negative event I said (do I have a form of illness) but I needed to think it first and I now KNOW that in fact I would have "NEEDED" to think it first as I was at the beginning of a metaphysical induction education of myself into THE SOUL

People I have studied on Brain Programming via a Brain Technology called N.L.P. or Nero Linguistic Programming and I look into D.B.T. and M.S.C.

I need help as I no longer can do MY life alone as I "NEED" help from others -- and this is so very hard to ask for as "once upon a time I was somewhat more able" to fend for me

NOW I "am in need of S.O.S. / H.E.L.P.

Thanks for this in advance

Lucien aka Keylo

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