With 37 Day's To Go Till The 7th Anniversary Of My Sobriety

This City Is So Very Kind to this great unknown who sort of just walked into this scene called "here is your life, "(have fun)" and don't break the china"

And then to totally screw my little itty bitty mind up even more than that silly little inconvenience I got stuck with in my early 20's yah that one we as a society would call Schizophrenia after a few decades of "false" (that is not the doctors issue as they tried and it matters kind of little to society as I and (they) are just one of them) schizoids, hell were expendable as our suicide rate is 32%

Anyways you would bring out the fine china (and allow me to use a real silver cutlery set) some of the places I was sent to on my EXILE to learn the "LESSONS" of the "Mad Hatter" pointy lessons as a thing a debridment would be kind of painful as such and a few "biopsys" and then there was the Bone Biopsy well i had never in all my life felt pain at that level I would tell my friends it was 13 (that was low as it was like I just died)

Today I was HUGGED 2x by incredible human beings and I am so very grateful for every thing AS i scored a few cherry tomatoes (8) for $1.09 -- I was "allowed" to make a few people smile as they drove home after their jobs, you know when you need less you seem to actually have more

I have the best place I ever had, I have food (not steak, but its food) and I am starting a new life as I DECIDED that 20/20 was going to be a decade 2020-2030 that my star ''WILL'' shine as this is about US / YOU n' Me

I am going to learn to love everything and everything around me

I am going to LIVE my life, and to SERVE humanity as I have never SERVED yet Day 36 begins soon

Thank YOU ALL for this as at last check you showed 998 people from 17 countries and 79 cities the way to this blog



Lucien n Alice (who keeps running this empire) of The Mad Hatter Experience (M.H.E.) live soon on that U Tube event

from a guy with no cell phone and no facebook account I am being directed as we all are but you will "see my voice and hear my face"

KIV 20/20 ad

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