Wow, A War Story Continued Into The Tribe Of The Hatter

Today, was the doctor day 3rd time since the "new doctor" came on stream and I was informed I "do not have to die" at this stage as I have been in massive pains for weeks if not months on end and today I was given a reprieve from the end and now I can plan my future and its been a weird day all around

Today, I turned the corner "in my head" as a friend Ary suggested I remove the extras from my home and start anew

Today, was my 3rd visit to the "new doctor" where my hope is and has to be

Today, for the first time in a very long time "The Mad Hatter Experience" was acknowledged as a living, breathing entity that came and created a space that was needed at a time that was empty and was able to be fulfilled as "IAM The Mad Hatter Experience"

Today, I realized that some guys went to work -- I was a entertainer and I did it well

Today, I realized that the pay was OK as I have foods in my cupboard and a roof over my head

Today, I was able to tell the story of the fridge (this occurred a few days ago) as I looked over my shoulder and saw my refrigerator and was in awe as a few years ago I didn't have a fridge nor stove / oven complex

Today, IAM very, very grateful for all of you as I have much and I feel LOVED and cared for in this community I am so very blessed to live in

Today, I lived

Tomorrow WE ROCK

God Bless

The Mad Hatter Experience = M.H.E. / Keylo

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