Ya All Know --- But Do Ya Know My Heart n' Soul

the date was April 22, 2014 and I was languishing in a jail cell being taught lessons I needed to learn ( I think ? )

I found God & Jesus that day, or should I say they found me alone in a box I was to call "home" for a few months

Read something in the book I picked up "Becoming Supernatural" which went like this, "what if the worst thing that ever happened to me turns into the best tthing that ever happened to me"

I get it I think as I know and understand that "they are (just words) but the [power of the pen] changed me"

And for a few years I thought it was my jail sentence, then my teeth extraction and then itwould "SHIFT" again to the Coocxq (tail bone) bedsore that would produce pain, that would change everything around me and inside and outside of my heart and soul as it '''ATTACKED" me 24 / 7 for months endlessly at times

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