Yes Today Was A Decent Day -- Yes Pain @ 9 Out Of 10 But Decent

Tomorrow February 4 2021 marks my 6th decade here, yes 60 years on Earth after what I did to my body is testament of a marvelous design of the body and mind

Flashback, a few years to 2013 seemed like a simpler time hell January 2020 seemed like a simpler time

Who knew we would see as much troubles in such a short period

When I left my last home on September 4, 2013 at 730am who knew it would be 36 months 27 days or 1,123 days before I would see my stuff again (that is as long as a high school education takes plus a month) on September 4, 2013 I was sober for 6 months 20 days or 201 days and at that time I actually thought that this was a long time, and for me it was but I was about to amaze myself with some weird science I must have picked up along the way as now as now I have 7 years, 11 months 19 days or 2,910 days a few more days and it will be 8 incredible years as I saw a lot of stuff pass before my eyes and body and yet somehow I have managed with Gods help and all the Angels he sent my way to hold my weary body up when I was so tired and alone and at times scared

As in 2013 I was alone as I valued things and the last song that I downloaded before my Epic Odyssey in Exile began was Edwin McCain I Could Not Ask For More as I actually in my sick ,mind thought I had it all in my 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom 13th floor high rise tower on Jasper Ave, man I was sick and my care team was in pieces as I had two shrinks and they would rotate in and out between them every six months and notes and drugs were all over the place as i remember being fired as a volunteer at the Fringe Festival on August 15, 2013 on pretty much zero medications zero --- now its nightly / morning medications plus a injection every 28 days (and this is stuff I don't much screw with) as i spent way too many months of my life in a hospital sorting this stuff out with some very brilliant and incredible mental health doctors and they have been pretty much but for 2 all ladies and caring beyond belief as I was a mess when I was intercepted, that afternoon on September 4, 2013 in a dentists chair just after getting a ex ray for a crown that my friend and landlord was going to pay for that day he and his incredible team saved my life, as I was done mentally, physically, financially and spiritually I was just flat out done

I have lost a lot since that day on September 4, 2013 from a few physical possessions, a HOLE in my coccyx / tail bone too all my teeth (this one is hard to adjust to as I can't eat so many foods and the dentures don't and never have fit properly and the damn dentist took 22 of my teeth out on June 22, 2016 without freezing any thing as it was sadistic and hurt like a SOB as you can imagine having 22 teeth extracted with no freezing) do not try this one at home

I was then fed gruel (including bones) it had everything she didn't want to toss even if it should have been tossed in the group home / prison camp (as I called it) for the next few days till I was rescued by 911 as I called 811 Health Link and they got the ball rolling on the rescue Spruce Grove 911 came to the camp and with Florence the Comma dent stand guard over all I said they needed to take 30 plus minutes to extract me from the camp that was June 30, 2016 and shipped to the Misericordia Hospital in Edmonton

Remember the ride to the hospital as the crew swapped out with another crew half we between Spruce Grove and Edmonton -- and I also remember a ER Dr asking if he could take pictures of my insides of my mouth that was wired -- told you this was sadistic

Then I was shipped back to AHE ( Alberta Hospital Edmonton ) on 10-2 which would be my last home before I came home still sober and clean here to where I am now it would take me 4 months to find a place on my own as the Social Worker David L was well how do I put this nicely (OK) "Not Helpful" You need to keep in mind now was bounced from institution to institution for 36 months 27 days before I ended up here in my home now which I have now been in for 4 years 4 months and a few days now (a bet with nurses and staff said I wouldn't last 4 months I was motivated as I had lived on my own from 1978 -- 2013 (when the Epic Odyssey in Exile) began my friend with the high rise stored all my things less the bulk items like bed and sofa for 37 months this man is amazing he taught me so much about LOVE, KINDNESS, COMPASSION, GENEROSITY and more sometimes we get charmed and a event that looks negative while were immersed in it becomes so beautiful and positive as all the people / ANGELS that arrived during my 37 month Epic Odyssey in Exile showed me who I am and they all took the lead in designing "The Actor Known as The Mad Hatter and his Experience" that is all of you from where ever you are who ever you are I am so very, very Blessed to have been here and to be "The Actor Known as The Mad Hatter Experience"

YOU ALL CREATED ME and IAM BLESSED for this gift it is the best gift I have ever in my now 6 decades and 60 incredible years

Thank You All

God Bless

Lucien the Light

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