You All DID This To Me

I asked -- No I __ __ CK-EN Begged for help however-- YOU ALL once again shut me out as IAM the man that YOU ALL see as strong, and therefore I should be able to (fix) all that it took a society 34 years of my life ya 34 long years to screw up on -- before you finally extend a olive branch in peace

By as my lawyer says "YOU ARE A STRONG MAN, A GOOD MAN" -- but you still say "go to the doctor and take "his medication" and that this should b able to undo all the damage YOU ALL caused me since my role model passed when I was a kid at 14 years old and now can't adapt to this pain I am trapped in over the last 10 months

And then you cause me more with a nasty __ __ CK-EN BED SORE that lasts me 10 months today also -- let steal even a good day from this


The GODS are watching all that you have done unto me in my life and I will NEVER FORGET nor FORGIVE EITHER

As I am a child in your world and YOU ALL ABUSED ME


But you keep tossing them 100s hoping and praying that the 88days i did in a cage alone will be let go


And you always turn everything around and blame me for it


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