You ALL Make It Seems That This "illness:Challenge" Is Easy

For 33+ (odd) years you medically and medicinally abused me, haha (funny huh) and YOU ALL then expected me to re-act in a negative manner (haha) this one is GOD and My Personal Saviors and he will end up winning as he has done throughout mankind's brief stay her on His World (and I do) seem to GET "IT"

why ME -- You gave me a fully functioning team (mental health) after bouncing me around t he shit yards for some 33 odd years (hell I feel through the cracks)

Yah I get it as 33 years was a damn big crack

What you indeed to was attempt to have ME "fuck up" and hurt the few people I hadn't yet as I was a force and then you decided that I MUST BE "punished" more and this is why during a 90 day stint at the UofA Mental Health Unit between September 4 and December 4, 2013 that you would send in the A Team and totally infiltrate my mind and life with a session called the A&D session which would pick off every emotion and feeling as it was the most intense mental "fuckery" that was ever done unto me in all my life on "your world"

Here is what WE / You need to do? as this Blog // Mail account cost $425 / year CDN

BUT first I need a PRIVATE shrink (who doesn't use "coercive" physiatry in her practice) and yes I said I need a female doctor

You think I want to be further picked over by a male doctor, I am not stupid and I am not "as unwell" as [[THEY]] claim I am and I have O.B.EY.E.D. everything asked of me

But I didn't break a law to be at the clinic I am at and I listen and have NOT even missed a dose as I acknowledge, my TEAM as it stood on December 15th 2019 is smarter than I am and I needed them, and I still do

I suffered for 33+ years to get the team as I had and the TRUST is now destroyed

I also need a LIFE Coach about $2-500 a month (a session with the psychologist is about $100 x 4 = $400 and the shrink is 200$ a 30 minute session) Both ways, is going to cost

This Monday and actually I think I need a change and I am pissed

I stood in line always early for chemicals we have NO IDEAS as to how they mix with each other

I am a decent guy that lost a year to a HOLE In my body as it was a better deal for the SOR to drag it out -- this is sad

I suffered greatly so people could get their incomes (and I mean greatly)


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