You All Saved Me, From Me; The Main Question IS Why?

I have nothing, in fact i have $9 in the bank and a $5 bill in my wallet-- AK38 says I have a big heart (wonder if i can get a bottle of H20 at the cafe' tomorrow with a piece of a big heart??)

Oh sh*t I just looked at the calendar and I need $5+ for a cab from the "food bank" home tomorrow, *think Big Heart Guy" can pay with a Big Heart Token

hey I had invites to a few places this weekend (whats a beer now) [and I cant drink as they/ my OSG (OwnerShip Group) would flip]

And I need $6.50 t0 go to DATS on Tuesday for approval (more stress)

that $4 till the 25th

Why am I being tormented?

looks like

Bottle Day Tomorrow -- :-) then that Bottle of Water at the Cafe with Real Money (hey that is a laugh) "Real Money" -- but maybe no "cake" Sorry Mari' ----unless your buying :-)

looking forward and big time excited for new food tomorrow it is like Christmas in a box (don't forget to bring bags) I was lucky 1x, and then with the "dentures coming back that will actually fit at month end, I am so very blessed to be here as I know YOU -- and we have the ability to watch a personal experience with a real Human Being with a very Horrible Illness go through his day: Can you imagine 10 years ago attempting to get in my Head ? (HAT) and-what it would take (hell I am a Schizophrenic and you are in for free, but if you ever wanna slip me a buck or two it would be incredible) and it would go far as a few eggs $0.83 for breakfast before "day program" a program I waited 36 years to get into--- took me that long to get a psychologist as I was / until March 15, 2019 very alone and then I would have a clinical file shift due to a incident (that would save my life) a negative into a positive (as they say we should do) I am Blessed to even be here as many, many of my drinking buddies are already pushing daisy's from the, booze (fact)

A.U.D. (Alcohol Use Disorder) will KILL one person on Earth every 10 Seconds (W.H.O.) World Health Organization --

I as of September 19, 2019 have had just 10 sessions with a psychologist (it has been amazing as I have actually "[[CHANGED]]" my little itty bitty mind all around in many aspects (it is an amazing field )

All I think of is all the chances (opportuunities) I could have had

Thanks To All Of You this weeks at the School for your incredible kindnesses (you are amazing kids, and I am very proud of everyone of you) in your studies

Hey Nick @ Tim's thanks for the drink (tea)

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