You All Saved My Life By Kidnapping Me 2,177 days ago

Who knew that I would gain a second chance at life by giving up my entire life as I had to surrender to "Design Society Inc." and to GOD more times than I can even remember, there is a small set of books by Rudolf Steiner called "How do I find the Christ?" and "The second coming of Christ" (cost for the set was $13.60 a few months ago, off AbeBooks) worth the investment in both cash and time

I still remember how quiet it became in cell 22 M.X.D. @ E.R.C. at April 22, 2014 when I surrendered and made a Covenant (deal) with God and Jesus that I would serve Humanity until the day I was called HOME

I didn't know I would be shown the way on 111ave between Kingsway and 81st walking about in a long coat, a staff, a massively BIG GREEN HAT making Gods People Happy

My kidnapping took place in an unusual place in a dentist chair getting ready to get a gold crown when the Two City of Edmonton Police Officers came in one from each side - and my Kidnapping was on --- it was September 4, 2013 at 1130am (dental appointment)

I was loaded into the back of a cruiser and we began my last ride as a "innocent man" as I was about to have all my belief systems turned upside down and inside out we were driving down 104ave, towards 101 street to get me to the Alex, and as we turned on that coroner the scanner was on and it flipped off and I heard "This is Jess at 100.3 the Bear and Pink Floyd -Wish You Were Here" and I watched in horror as my life was rapidly slipping away as I was totally unaware that in just 90 brief days I was going to be calling this area my HOME --it was the homeless area and in 90 days i went from a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 2 large walk in closets a club, a pool and more to living out of a knapsack and feeling freer than I ever had in my life as I was told by the Regional CEO of the Company that all my worldly goods were tossed into the trash

this took 13 days from September 4 for me to be the man John Lennon sang about in his song "Imagine" (no possessions)

I was locked in a Asylum and it was mentally devastating as all my memory's / all my earthly goods gone for a crime of being short $5oo on my rent and being helpless to save even a single photo of my family as it was all gone (at least this is the mind __ __ CK I was lead to believe)

That was the best missing $500 ever in my life, as it brought me here today, and even the loss of all my teeth (without freezing to stick an extra $300 in Dr Alla D pocket) was worth it as I now have more riches than many, many kings and queens as I have "the LOVE of "my" People" and all the money in the world can't buy this

And then the plates (dentures) never fit right and I have not been able to eat / taste so many different foods as I don't have dentures that stay in when I chew

many days and nights i cry as all I needed to go through in order to serve mankind and yet society it seems wants to cop out as say sh*t like

"There Is Nothing I Can Do?"

"It's impossible"

"You Can't Do That?"

And society fails everyone by using negative programming language and we draw one step closer to the rapid demise of the whole of the systems

I have cried as I watch humanity destroy itself again, as we had so (have so) much potential to save not only ourselves but humanity in the same progression

Buddy of mine says it would be sad if I died as a result of stupidity and yet we see the traps we designed for ourselves. that enslave us

take your smart phone as your master

at 3 hours a day x 365 days = 1,095 hours a year divided by 24 a day (a full day) = 45 full 24 hour days that you are a slave in a free world (and that doesn't factor in the cost to run the "smart" (ok maybe not but she/ he is your master/mistress and you are his/her slave) phone,

hey I have a pyramid I been thinking of building but the Slave Union keeps sending over "SmartPhone" junkies and addicts

YOU interested?

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