YOU ALL Saved My Life -- Thank YOU ALL

TREATMENT DAY 19 Chapter 2

I entered the day at 630am, in pain at level 9 – but today I had single Buprenorphine/Naloxone 2/0.5mg stashed and didn’t need to walk 4 blocks to Bernie’s (drug store) on the hill for it like I was forced to do yesterday [Boy Scouts – Motto = Be Prepared] in this case I was

I am so very confused (discombobulated)

As I was told today / night that there is documentation around about “MY” wound and that I am “thinking” the pain into reality as the wound is superficial, why would I do this as it seems counterintuitive as I feel pain (but it is subjective)

So now the story is DO I Have a wound?

I’m thinking I am finally insane, not just schizoaffective disorder but truly insane,

News Flash = Mad Hatter goes insane and ends up in an Asylum,

What has occurred in the last 19 days?

Just 19, days –

I am going to see one of my doctors tomorrow. I am losing it right now. It is 946pm October 23, 2019 @ 947pm

And I can no longer deal with this damn insanity as it is crazy

For tonight I wish I had an Imovane 7.5mg tablet (just 1)

I have said I would do anything Society asked if only the pain would stop (lesson) it has tonight, and I am so very blessed as you all did this for me

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