You Asked?

Someone Asked Me Once, on or around September 4. 2019

1) What do you want to do?

2) Who do you want to be?

3) What do you want to have?

4) Where do you want to be in?

When the questioning began I had just come off the worst illness I had ever experienced in (well forever) and I didn’t have a clue?

It has now been 16 wild, and incredible days that I couldn’t dream up at all as I am just back from a 310 day crucifixion before you all, and IAM finding a world I never knew existed at all it has Love, Kindness, Generosity, Compassion in it

But without my time on “The Cross” I never would have found it at all – when “they” say “you need to go to Hell to Find Heaven”

It took me six (6) years, to make my way into Hell, (you don’t need too actually go if you can learn from someone that actually went) “we call this (role modeling” and find Heaven

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