You Crucified Me -- And I Still Love You

I opened my heart and soul to you for at least 3 months as you held me in your first Asylum at incredible hospital where I met a incredible Angel Karen who had a Son name of Jacob who was terribly ill at the hospital

She quickly opened my heart (which when I entered the Asylum on September 4, 2013 was dark as night) -- You know that this is what saved me as I had no one, and I was now around people from everywhere

But even after you taught me how to love both Karen & Jacob it very rapidly extended its reach to the community of the hospital itself, then the community outside the hospital, and then you did the unthinkable

You and the Angel Karen would teach me how to "love myself"

An A&D session later and every scab and wound in my heart and soul would be exposed

This was "perfect FOR YOU" as it allowed you into me spirit my very soul

People were approaching me to "pray" for their loved ones that were in the hospital at that time and going in for operations

I am kinda naive okay and I didn't see it so you needed to educate me and this process would take 6 years September 4, 2013 to Yesterday September 4, 2019

The cross is incredible, as the pain was needed to LOVE YOU ALL as I saw / see so much pain in my work as Servant of Humanity that I needed to cry and I cry a lot and thanks to the DBT (dialectical behavior therapy) that I was to finally discover on December 5, 2018, DBT was created in the 80s and was hidden from ,me as was petty much every form of treatment (but drugs) found it on my way to the "cross" / "treatment" for my pain as I needed to really suffer before I could be set free from my pain,

One of my Mental Health Team would determine the next steps with this technology as I needed to study "Emotion Regulation / (might as well have been Dis-Regulation and now we are opening Pandora's Box -- wow

keep in mind I am dealing with a Hole (yah an actual Hole) in my body that is getting bigger daily as I am suffering and we (MY TEAM) still has no idea as to how to manage the pain as I have O.U.D. (Opiate Use Disorder) and this is a medical nightmare coming true and my psychiatrist is not sympathetic at all coping out as its "physical"and she does mental (no communication that would come one psychiatrist later and 8 months later)

I needed Christmas day/night 2013 in a Homeless Shelter on O8U (dorm O -bunk 8 -Upper) so I needed to see the birth of my Savior 3 feet away from the shelters ceiling thinking about well actually = you / me had to go numb mentally as I was alone and both "clean & sober" and a billionaire as I had $3700 in the bank and should have /./ could have changed my state in a hundred or more ways -- and still I LOVE YOU ALL (59 days)

But it would have ruined the surprise RIGHT?

Ya Crucifixion level 3 = Jail

and still I LOVE YOU ALL

you tried to break me by locking me in a cage like an animal for 23 hours for 88 days and STILL I LOVE YOU ALL

Dwayne house, full of bed bugs people climbing through windows (mine)

Satellite House, (drug house)

Prison Camp, Group Home a 1000 miles from people so I could be isolated

Alberta Hospital Edmonton for 20 months

You tried everything -- everything including pulling 22 teeth out of my Mental Medication messed up mind -face- with no freezing, at all as I needed the lesson and STILL I LOVE YOU

I have had the Holy Hole wound that it took 10 months 6 days (310 days) to heal and only after divine intervention did it heal, and STILL I LOVE YOU

Karen did this for you, as she used me as a man with no one to "save the species" AND STILL I LOVE YOU

And finally I am free of pain --after a very long trek through the various levels of HELL I needed to enter and (you should know this part by now) STILL I LOVE YOU

Jesus said it


and now I can finally feel YOUR LOVE FOR ME, and this took me from the passing of my Earth Father on February 19, 1975 which left me alone on this hard core rock all by myself and all I wanted was to end my personal pain from the loss as it was great as he was my Hero, Best Friend and I had NO ONE when he booked "AIR GOD" and shot to Heaven but the people around me / us (family) had to disparage his good name over stuff they knew nothing about (Christians Crucifying Christians)

seems according to some you don't get in (to heaven) if you drink, smoke, party, live a fast lifestyle and the coolest one is having a Mistress (Christians and Mistresses) God is smiling

My TEAM now want to know how I communicate with God / Jesus as they are my Holy Father and Son / Brother

And I talk to them like I talk to you

The Key Lo to all of this is "my" Queen and Overlord Karen and Her Son

They saved/rescued me from all the pits of hell i in hindsight needed to enter to grow physically, emotionally, mentally, Spiritually and financially as we need the ,lessons of the wise men and sometimes they show up in the strangest places

And they saved me so I could save YOU

Had to have a happy ending RIGHT

And now to find a Mistress

Like Father Like Son

But I QUIT Habits he struggled with -- He was a wise man and a incredible "teacher" and I had him alone on the JOB site for a few great years

before God needed a JOB done, and he had the skills, lots of Skills




Hey I Gotta Go Now


Key Lo

Still Hanging Around On My Personal Crucifix Designed by Society Design Inc

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