You Destroyed Me In 8-9 Days- Amazing

You can't rebuild a man before YOU destroy the old man, and that all began on October 4, 2019-- I only wanted to make YOU to be "Make Happy People" (my job description) which goes with the (Job Title) = "AMUSEMENT" --------

So lets cause me EXTREME pain AGAIN like I did NOT go through this for 1 year so far (October 15, 2018 till Today October 12, 2019) -- so lets stick a stick in a freshly healed wound and once again re-open it)

Remember Kiddies this wound is on MY Tailbone (coccyx) and I needed a major surgery to close it once already (this has been a damn nightmare) -- that now it seems needs to be

Chapter 2 - Coccyx Wound Re-Visited - playing live in Lucien's life and on 111Ave

You all really needed to inflict more punishment to me (didn't YOU?)

what you think it would assist in me "growing up?" (I am going to be a child till I die, as YOU adults are dangerous, YOU hurt people for money)

Shame on YOU ALL I am a child, a fucken child -- and you took advantage of a 12 year old fully aware of this (child like state I can't escape) SHAME ON YOU

You know GOD -- He Loves Me --- As even with all you have done unto me I Love You, and I share myself

what do you do? TAKE, TAKE , TAKE -- i hope you find it in your heart after this to give, a little bit (of LOVE) and a few bucks

You know what?, I LOVE YOU

Thank YOU for a great 8-9 days and some cool people Thanks to Owens dad for sharing and asking for a Prayer as I was heading to the-healing Garden yesterday

Thanks to Larry, Cameron, Damion, Lina, Hailey. Sherry,

To my Dr's , Nurses, Cleaning Teams, Cooking Crew,

To Chelsea - Hanna

To Paul, Pauline, Brent

To Sara, Shannon

To my personal friends (and my many, many new friends) You all saved my life, changed my world

I can hardly await to enter the next 8-9 day

Hey Bree, YOU are a Angel

To my Management Team(s)


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