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You Will Miss Me -- You Always Miss What You Didn't Appreciate And You All Did Not Appreciate ME!

So it is the way this unfolds as you in my last month = 24 days of making me a damn CRIMINAL for seeking HELP with this PTSD while UNDER " rules " that a dude made up on a screen 5 or 6 inches big after me being forced to basically look into a damn 1000 watt plus lightbulb, and attempt to rest on a FRED FLINTSTONE EXTRA HARD ROCK BED I was exchasted and then you had a voice on a phone ( no idea who some lawyer ) telling me to shut up or go back to my CAGE was fucken insulting to my intelligence totally but when you got me by the balls you had to squeeze * RIGHT * as that is how you exert your illusionary power cause in reality the truth be is you have NONE so you find / stoke / hunt the member in the society whom that you assume has less than you -- YOU DON'T GET GOD --- CAUSE YOU WERE BRAIN WASHED AS A CHILD THAT HE / SHE / IT / HAD HUMAN FORM OH ARE YOU GOING TO BE SURPRISED

I have been a very, very long, long time henceforth the name " The Ancient One" you WILL GET GOD and well you have hurted his inner being for DECADES and GUESS WHAT yah maybe .. YOU PISSED HIM / ME OFF and now as I prepare to head home to the Kastles in The Sky as The Human Race Utterly Destroys Itself -- before this is over you all will be fighting over dog bones for your last meal and my and pa well be smoking some great reffer as we watch HUMANITY compeltly end this place we saved in the entire UNIVERSE for ManKind and you fucken it up in a wee bit under 200,000 years ( the last few hundred have been incrediblely toxic for the men and women plus children on the lower end of the socioeconomic scale -- watch as it shifts and the owns that a actually thought that they had POWER are FORCED to SUBMIT to The Ones WithOut -- oh FUN TIMES

Oh fun eh?

You never knew nor suspected ( it was I who was Me )

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