Your Job As A Society Is To ----

Take care of it's ill, I got ill (really ill) around September 4, 2013 and lost a benefits of a I/L/S worker (Independent Living Skill) worker that I had for 22 years, and Capital Region Housing that I also had for 22 years it was $550 and is now $500 (Government Role back) funny they don't do that on property taxes . I love to dream. We all should as some times, they come true

REMEMBER YOUR JOB, to take care of the sick and needy in OUR WORLD --And it belongs to all of us, and we have a responsibility to each other (everyone) is included

However a good ending deserves a great punishment of ME as the SICK ONE as lets not give him his benefits we took away from me in 2013 -even after he makes it back from HELL (on his own)

Hey guess what we here at <Mad Hatter Experience> has now been seen in 7 country's and 33 cities (makes us look compassionate towards the "unwell" doesn't it?)

Keeping in mind that even through the 37 months I was under your care and was at a few stages being abused

why not "allow" me back my benefits as all I did to lose them was to get sick, (good game show) " Lets Punish The Poor and Sickly" (who will be the first judge or stone thrower?) YOU???

I am STILL "Sober and Clean"


I learned the lessons

A Bus Driver to me yesterday "You are the richest man in the city"

I don't know but I do know I am a lonely man as I lost much during that 37 months I was confined in YOUR CARE

For MY -- Crimes against Humanity = 12 / 911 calls (you all took much from me and now my physical health is failing me, what I could have done if you weren't so hell bent on punishment of a mentally ill (schizophrenic) you needed that last ounce of flesh '

Didn't you, as it made you all feel better knowing a guy that now makes you smile was punished way beyond the scope of the LAW / okay "reality"

Why don't you call your councilman / women and get me on the pay role as I am allowed under AISH rules to earn $1072 a month (I work and have costs for my work tools / outfits) you know

You see if (no when) you all begin to "allow" me what in your heart actually know and feel should be forthcoming I will be better able to serve more of YOUR People in This interesting and incredible city

That I call "THE CAPITAL OF EARTH" (just 17 letters)

I have one role here on this spinning dot and that is to "SERVE HUMANITY" I actually don't need the extra money (but a movie, or a ''pair of shoes, for a pretty girl would be nice) hey that Girl could be you (maybe :-)

And if you want to stop an addiction send me a note


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