Your Never Alone With A Schizophrenic

This is one of my favorite Ian Hunter LP's and I can't wait to hear it again on vinyl at month end -- pop a fractal program on you tube and some good vinyl a pizza, and one day soon a lady / girl to experience the night with

End of this month for me is going to be big, a mini stereo, and my dentures = (chew foods) again, and a 3 year acknowledgment of being in my HOME -- Best Place Ever as I worked very hard this last year. Could NOT have done it without the Community of little Italy, Norwood,Boyle Macaulay, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and The ENTIRE Global Village of Earth and a incredible TEAM that never gave up on me,

When one almost loses ones life to a swift attacking illness one realizes the little things that are mind blowing

a simple sunset, a bird in the sky '

I almost lost it all

Hey I never asked to be schizophrenic (what am I supposed to do?)

Walk, Wave, Smile, (today I walked 23,000 steps) = the week I thought I wasn't coming back August 4-10, 2019 I walked in comparison only 20,285 steps

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