~Thinking~ About Doing Another Podcast / Video Vlog! ~

This is 640 days, or 1 year, 9 months or 21 months only of this Blog which I am totally blown away with the analytics, that this project has created as I was hoping for a local / community blog and it has grown way bigger than I envisioned, as it has been seen in

38 countries


253 cities

Blows me away as now I get busy and work this as this is where I am supposed to be

Besides on the street making people happy \ the motto at { The Mad Hatter Experience } is

"We Make Happy People"

This BLOG " Just Took On A New Meaning For Me "

That Being an asset that I am going to utilize to turn a crippling mental disorder = Schizoaffective Disorder into a priceless asset that will benefit all of Mankind both with the disorder and the people that want to attempt at least to understand the workings of the mind of a person with the Disorder

That Person would just happen to be me and my alter ego The Mad Hatter running an Experience called Life on Humanity for the betterment of Humanity itself

Today I am Pleased as The Ambassador Of 111 Ave to Announce a New School of Thought I have decided to called Facciotti University where our motto is F.U.

Got You, I see you smiling

But I am not screwing around on this one as it is brilliant and I don't give a F


Thank you for stopping bye

Lucien / aka The Mad Hatter of the Experience

God Bless ya all

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